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Hi everyone, I have decided that I can nowadays reach a wider audience and more easily through Facebook, so i have set up the Wings Over Cambridge Facebook page here:

If you’re not a Facebook person please feel free to leave messages here as I will still get them, but all updates to the website will now be placed on my Facebook page. Thanks! Dave.


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Thanks to the help of Errol martyn I have finally been able to add a little more detial to some of the pages on our Cambridge Airmen.

Updated this week have been the pages on:
Maurice Dickens Bell http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Maurice_Bell.html

Frederick Noel Birdling http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Frederick_Birdling.html

Jack Henry Budd http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Jack_Budd.html

John Christie http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/John_Christie.html

Clifford Bertram Cubis http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Clifford_Cubis.html

Theo Farley Cubis http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Theo_Cubis.html

Stanley Charles Dallimore http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Stanley_Dallimore.html

Cyril Stanley Dent http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Cyril_Dent.html

Harold Lyndon Filleul http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Harold_Filleul.html

Vivian Francis Wilfred Patrick Follas http://www.cambridgeairforce.org.nz/Vivian_Follas.html


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It is sad to note the death of a great supporter of my Cambridge Air Force website project, Maud Walker. I met Maud back near the beginning of when I began to research the local airmen of Cambridge,  because I believed that her brother Maurice Walker had been in the RNZAF. It turned out in fact that she had indeed had a late brother called Maurice but he was a different Maurice Walker of the Cambridge district. There were two.

Maurice Newton Walker had been a bomber pilot and his page is here:

Whereas Maud’s brother Maurice Alan Walker had been in the Air Training Corps, and a photo of him can be found here:

Maud however took a great interest in the project and so delved into her memories of the district in wartime and came up with many names of Cambridge people who had served in the RNZAF, and many other leads too. She’d known many of them, and had been the cousin of airman Jim Ross, one of several stories she put me onto. Maud was also helpful when I was organising the 2004 reunion of Cambridge Air Force people to launch the website officially.

She was a lovely lady, and I am proud to have known her. Maud Ellen Mary Walker passed away peacefully at Waikato Hospital on the 20th of August 2010, aged 89. RIP

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Hi everyone,

After all this time I have finally created a way to easily keep regular readers updated with progess on the Wings Over Cambridge website. I will be adding blog posts whenever I make an addition, update or correction to the ever-expanding website about Cambridge’s Air Force personnel. So please sign up for your email updates so you can see what is new on the website.

Dave Homewood

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